Bio 4 Review

Bio 4 Review

Bio 4: Your Energy and You

Some people say that you lack of energy as you age but this is not really the basis. We all have our individual energy needs and more. As we age, we do a lot of things that consumes our energy thus we end up very tired even if we are not engaged in physical activities. Emotional and mental activities also use up our energy and this actually causes people more stress than any other activity there is. Whatever is the cause of your lack of energy, you should be compensating it with food and other supplements that can enhance it.

Eating the right food will provide you what you need but sometimes, because of your full-packed activities, you seem to run out of it. Eating healthy food is not enough. There are also other factors that decreases your strength such as toxicity and stress. All these causes you to have less energy, making you feel old and tired. Your appearance is also affected because of this. You age fast because you are not getting enough nutrients your body needs. What should you do?

Bio 4 and the Pterostilbene

In the past few years, a lot of anti-aging products were introduced, claiming that they can turn your old self into a rejuvenated and energized you. The magic nutrient is Resveratrol. For years it was celebrated and consumed by many believers because this said nutrient has the capacity to reduce oxidative stress which speeds up aging of cells. Then came this new information about another new nutrient called Pterostilbene. The two almost have the same anti-aging capabilities but Pterostilbene is four times more bioavailable compared to Resveratrol. This is why Bio 4 focused on enhancing their product using Pterostilbene. With Bio 4, you can expect to have boosted energy, younger looking skin and a lot more better than what you were previously. It is a given fact that if your body is free from anti-oxidants and toxicity, you will feel better and livelier.

Bio 4 Review

The Benefits in Taking Bio 4

Based on the claims of the website, the product does not only contain Pterostilbene but also Resveratrol and Quercetin Plus Co-Q10. Anti-aging is not the only focus of this product but it also helps in cleaning the blood vessels and keeps the heart beating strong and healthy. Quercetin also helps with weight loss which is an added benefit one can get when taking this product. If you are only taking a product that only contain one ingredient then you are missing all other benefits provided by other nutrients. Pterostilbene will allow the body to absorb all these much quicker which in turn causes your body to react much faster. You will have a stronger, younger body and quicker mind.

Why Take Bio 4 Supplements?

If what you are after is reliving your old self and making it feel healthier and younger, then Bio 4 is the product that has the most promising content. Individually, all other contents are effective but are not easily absorbed by the body making it useless. We need something that can enhance the state of our body positively starting from appearance on the outside up until our holistic health. Bio 4 offers help with your cholesterol level, blood pressure, energy and weight management. If you can get all these benefits in just one capsule then there is no reason for you to try on other products any more. You will not only waste your money but will only take a risk on other products which does not have the particular content Bio 4 has.

Bio 4 Review

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Bio 4 – The Pros and Cons


  • Ingredients are made of natural ingredients.
  • It helps fight inflammation.
  • Aids in healthy blood pressure.
  • Maintains cholesterol levels.
  • Protect artery wall health.


  • Does not state what are the sources of the ingredients.
  • Not FDA approved.
  • Does not state if safe for pregnant and lactating women.
  • No supporting documentation regarding ingredients used.
  • No information if safe for children.

Bio 4 – The Final Verdict

All of us wish to have better health, whether we are young or older. We tend to use products that gives appealing promises rather than check on facts regarding the contents they use. Bio 4 is not very clear with the source of their ingredients but if you take time to research about the benefits and uses of the said nutrients found in each capsule, you will really find out that these are indeed used for the following reasons.

The reason why they claim to be the best product in the market is because they were able to find the right mixture of nutrients that can be better absorbed by the body and is complete. There may be some flaws on their claims since there are no supporting research included, it still has truth behind those important ingredients. All in all, this product is still something to patronize because of the proven ingredients it contains.

Bio 4 Review


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