Breathing Exercises for Anxiety Attacks

Breathing Exercises for Anxiety Attacks

Breathing Exercises for Anxiety Attacks

There are a lot of breathing exercises for anxiety attacks that people can do regularly. These breathing exercises are made perfectly for people who often experience anxiety during a certain situation in their lives. As you all know when a person is feeling anxiety, the body will breath shallowly which will eventually cause the person to experience hyperventilation. This is the reason why these breathing exercises for anxiety attacks are made, in order to change the way of breathing when anxiety arises. Typically these breathing exercises can often be seen in yoga sessions, because it helps the mind and body to relax. When a person is relaxed the feeling of anxiety can be reduced and can eventually disappear in no time. If you are one of the many who is having problems with anxiety attacks, then reading the available breathing exercises below would definitely be ideal.

Muscle Abdominal Breathing

This type of breathing exercises for anxiety attack is needed to make sure that your body is taking breaths that are deeper. You can simply do this while you are lying straight in your bed or through the floor. Carefully breathe in and expand the muscles in your abdomen just like that of a balloon. You should keep your breath in for two seconds and release the air out in a slow manner. Remember to use your nose to inhale air to your abdomen so the muscles can expand effectively. Let the air out from your mouth and repeat the entire breathing exercise. This kind of exercise will help your muscles to feel relaxed, because of the oxygen that is entering your system.

Exercising While Standing

One of the best breathing exercises for anxiety attacks is the one where you need to stand up straight, while making your entire body feel comfortable. You need to slowly breathe in going to your abdomen, while raising your arms until they reach your head. You can hold the air inside your body for two seconds, while putting your arms back to your side. You can do this while exhaling the air that you inhaled into your body’s lungs. You can continue doing this exercise daily, especially during anxiety attacks as this will help your body and mind to feel relaxed again.

Breathing Through Nostril

One of the yoga exercises today is breathing through your nostrils. Some people may have a hard time doing this exercise, because you need to carefully breathe from one nostril to the other. The best thing to do this exercise is to use your thumb to gently close one side of your nostril, while breathing in. After breathing from the other nostril, you can do the same on the other nostril. This exercise will not only help you to feel relaxed during an anxiety attack, but will also keep the brain’s functions to improve. The body and mind will be balanced, which has a calming effect. This type of exercise can be done even if you’re sitting, just make sure that you’re sitting up straight.

These breathing exercises for anxiety attacks are proven effective by a lot of people and doctors. Preventing your body and mind to endure the feeling of anxiety is ideal, to avoid developing certain disease that are related to this kind of psychological problem such as, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. If you’re having a hard time controlling your anxiety, consulting a professional help would definitely be ideal. In this way, you will get to know the other types of breathing exercises for anxiety attacks. Remember to keep your body and mind well relaxed is the key to avoid anxiety attacks from happening to you, especially during a certain situation.


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