Flora Source Review

Flora Source Review

Flora Source Multi-Probiotic Capsules Product Review

The digestive system is one of the most important structures in the body that is why it is also important to keep the system and the organs included in this system always healthy and properly functioning. A lot of things can cause unhealthy stomach and one of the common problems is the imbalance of native flora in the digestive tract. A lot of factors can cause imbalance of native flora in the digestive system such as improper diet, disease, and medications specifically antibiotics. To restore balance in the digestive system, a health supplement will be a good solution and one of the well-known products claiming to provide this benefit is the Flora Source.

Flora Source – Basic Information and Product Features

Flora Source or also known as Flora Probiotic Plus is a health supplement specifically designed and manufactured to bring back the balance in the digestive system by repopulating the digestive system with the microorganisms that are supposed to be in the tracts. It is a common knowledge that micro-organisms and bacteria are important in the digestive system in order to function and maintain a good health. When speaking of live microorganisms and bacteria, these are probiotics and prebiotics – good microorganisms that helps improve the immune system and fight various diseases that can occur in the digestive system. Flora Source is specifically formulated to provide the digestive system with the good microorganisms it lost due to unhealthy foods or disease.

Flora Source provide the body, specifically the digestive tract with 16 probiotics and 16 billion colony forming units or CFU – also termed as active cultures. The digestive tract should have trillions of active cultures and 400 to 500 cultures. This product can help restore these proper amounts of active cultures and cells to promote healthy digestive system and overall health.

Flora Source Review

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Major Microorganisms Supplemented by Flora Source

One of the major microorganisms contained in each capsule is Lactobacilli probiotic strain – a very essential good bacterium that works by improving digestion and also promotes healthier absorption specifically in the small intestines. Another major microorganism included in the formulation of the product is Bifidobacteria strains, which work in the large intestines to improve bowel movement, elimination of toxins, and to effectively detoxify the colon. Different varieties of these bacteria are included in every capsule to effectively restore the optimal intestinal ecology and population of native flora in the digestive tract.

The Improved Flora Source with Exclusive Bif Relief 24/7 Strain

Probiotic scientists have been researching and studying numerous probiotics that can provide the best benefits of the body. Through careful and intensive research, scientists were able to identify the best probiotic – which is the Bif Relief strain. This microorganism has been discovered to treat and prevent numerous problems involving the digestive system like irregular bowel movement, constipation, regurgitation, abdominal pain, gurgling, gas and flatulence.

According to the probiotic scientists who formulated this product, Bif Relief effectively speeds up bowel movement and also regulates it. Based on the tests they have conducted, Bif Relief can hasten bowel movement, about 20 hours faster. Bowel movement is a very important function in the body since this is the activity that helps the body eliminates harmful products and toxins, which if not eliminated, may harm and poison the body. With Flora Source, all active microorganisms and probiotic strains work together in order to restore the healthy condition of the digestive system and with Bif Relief 24/7 strain, various digestive problems are also addresses and prevented. By taking the product daily, consumers can get as much as 32 billion active cultures for their digestive system, every day.

Flora Source Review

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Positive and Negative Aspects of the Product


  • Each capsule contains billions of live microorganisms needed by the digestive system for healthy functioning and also to maintain an overall healthy body.
  • Effectively restores the flora in the intestines.
  • Company offers a 60-day money back guarantee and free shipping for orders of $50 and more.


  • The company has no official website and there is little information about the manufacturer or company that distributes the product.
  • There is no proper customer support for consumers ordering online.
  • Proper storage is needed for the product since if not stored properly; the benefits and functions of the probiotics might be lost.

Flora Source: The Final Verdict

A lot of people nowadays take various health and nutritional supplements in order to maintain a healthy body or to restore the healthy functioning of some organs in the body. If you experience some common problems in the digestive system like indigestion, irregular bowel movement, and constipation, then Flora Source should be one of your priorities when thinking of a health supplement to take. With its affordable price, it is definitely a product worth trying especially if you want to avoid those uncomfortable and persistent digestive issues. People also get to obtain additional benefits like improved immune system, prevention of various skin problems, and proper colon detoxification by taking this product.

Flora Source Review


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