Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Are you having problems with hemorrhoids? Did you know that there are actually home remedies for hemorrhoids? Get to know these remedies by reading the information provided for you below.

Hemorrhoids or known as piles are known as swollen veins in the rectum and anus. Some of the symptoms of include rectal bleeding, itching, and pain. Typically, this can develop outside or inside of the rectum and anus. This will then be called external and internal hemorrhoids. This kind of problem is extremely common, wherein almost 75% of Americans experience this problem at some point.

Hemorrhoids can go on their own after a couple of weeks and they sometimes cause discomfort that is mild to severe. But, there are home remedies for hemorrhoids, which can help the symptoms more tolerable.

Top Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Aloe Vera

One of the home remedies for hemorrhoids is aloe vera which can be purchased at different drugstores. You can also harvest aloe vera directed from your plant, if you have one. For people who don’t know, aloe vera is known as an anti-inflammatory, which is effective in treating skin conditions. But before you apply aloe vera on your hemorrhoids, it would be best to ensure that you are not allergic to it to avoid the problem from worsening. You can check for allergies by dabbing a small amount of aloe vera on your skin and wait for at least a day or two if there are any adverse reaction; if none, then you are safe.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel has the ability to lessen both pain and itchiness, which are two of the main symptoms of hemorrhoids. Since this is known as an anti-inflammatory, it can also help with the swelling. You can purchase witch hazel in its liquid form and you can directly apply it to the hemorrhoids. You can also find this in certain products like anti-itch soaps and wipes.

Ointments – Over the Counter

There are also ointments that you can purchase over the counter, like the Preparation H. It can usually be found in every drug store today and is great in providing relief almost immediately. There are also some ointments that can help with the swelling, thus helping the hemorrhoids to quickly heal.

Epsom Salt and Warm Bath

During bathing, it would be best to do a warm bath and add in some Epsom salt. You can either do this in a small tub that will perfectly fit the toilet seat or you can also take a full bath in your bathtub. To make it more effective, you can do this after bowel movement. The Epsom salt will help in providing relief and reducing pain.

Cold Compress

Another great home remedy for hemorrhoids is to do a cold compress. Using an ice pack or a compress, apply it to your anus to reduce swelling. You can do this every 15 minutes. When using ice, make sure to wrap it in a paper towel or in a cloth. Avoid applying something frozen to your skin directly.

Wet Wipes

When you are suffering from hemorrhoids, it would be best to just use wet wipes instead of your usual toilet paper. The reason behind this is because it can only aggravate your existing hemorrhoids. Wet wipes will not cause any irritation since it’s wet and soft. There are wipes that are with ingredients that are anti-hemorrhoid, including aloe vera and witch hazel. Also, when choosing your wipes, it would be best to avoid using wipes with perfume or alcohol to avoid irritants.

These are all of the home remedies for hemorrhoids that will help reduce the symptoms that you have been experiencing.


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