How to Get Rid of Sleep Apnea

How to Get Rid of Sleep Apnea

How to Get Rid of Sleep Apnea?

One of the most common sleep related problems is sleep apnea. The problem with sleep apnea is that not everyone knows that they have this problem, until something unfortunate happens. For people who are not familiar with this problem, sleep apnea is where the breathing is extended for at least ten seconds or even more while you are sleeping. If you are sleeping with someone, they will notice it when they suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. Without the needed air, your blood might loss the oxygen needed, which can make you to gasp for more air. Now if you have been diagnosed with it, then knowing how to get rid of sleep apnea is essential.

Adjusting Your Way of Sleeping

One of the best ways to get rid of this sleep problem is by adjusting the way you are sleeping. It would be best to sleep on your side if you have this problem. If you are not comfortable with this position then you can just add some pillows so your head is a little prop up. You can also put a pillow between your legs to make your position more comfortable. According to research, it is best to sleep while your body is thirty degrees inclined since it will help reduce apnea and as well as snoring. You can try this technique since it is free.

Changing Your Lifestyle

If you are gaining some extra pound or if you are already overweight, then getting rid of the pounds will surely help. If your midsection and your neck have been showing signs that you have gained weight, then reducing some pounds is essential. If you are overweight and your weight caused you to have sleep apnea then it is called the syndrome of obesity hypoventilation. As you all know, when a person is carrying in more pounds than usual is already putting a problem to the heart. It can be threatening problem especially with sleep apnea. Exercising and eating a healthy diet will surely help you to lose weight.

Mask for Airway Pressure

The mask for airway pressure is the most common treatment that is prescribed for people who are suffering from sleep apnea. This works by ensuring that the area in the nose is sealed so that the hose that is attached will deliver the right airflow. This will help they airway to prevent from collapsing while you are sleeping. You can choose from the different designs that it has, wherein there are some that will make it feel not so awkward when you are sleeping. You will definitely get used to it in the long run.

Oral Therapy

There are also certain devices that can be used to help with sleep apnea. This oral therapy usually looks like that of a cross that is between the mouth guard and a retainer. The dentist will help you to ensure that it is tightly attached to your teeth to avoid discomfort. You can also choose from the different designs that they have and of course your dentist can suggest the most comfortable one for your convenience.

Now if you have already done all of the above and the problem keeps on occurring. You can then your doctor will start to conduct more tests to ensure what is causing the problem. Your doctor will also refer you to someone who is a specialist to your problem. Your doctor will also start using sensors and certain devices for him to be able to check what is actually happening inside while you are sleeping. In this way they will be able to decide the next step that they can suggest to fix the problem.

These are the ways on how to get rid of sleep apnea. Of course consulting your doctor first is essential for you to know if sleep apnea is the problem.


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