How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally?

Are you wondering on how to lower cholesterol naturally? Did you know that it is possible, without needing the help of any medications? Find out how to lower cholesterol naturally by reading the information below.

Having a low cholesterol has a lot of benefits, and one of this is by being and feeling energized. If your arteries are not clogged, your heart will be able to pump blood efficiently. With all of the extra energy that you have, your body will be able to do a lot of things physically because you are not going to feel tired too often. Lower cholesterol can also help reduce your risk of experiencing heart diseases. The reason behind this is because if a person has a blood clot, the oxygen will have a hard time reaching the heart.

If you are one of the many people who is looking for ways on how to lower cholesterol naturally, then following these tips will surely be helpful:

Consuming Oats

One of the best ways and the most popular ideas on how to help lower your cholesterol is by consuming oats. You can consume oats every single morning as this helps lower bad cholesterol by 5.3% in as early as six weeks. The reason behind this is because oats are known to have beta-glucan which helps in the absorption of LDL. You can add in some fruits to make your oats tastier.

Drinking Red Wine

Yes, you read that right. You can drink red wine to help lower down your cholesterol. Red grapes, which is known to be Tempranillo and one that is high in fiber can significantly assist in lowering down your cholesterol levels. People who are consuming red wine have decreased their levels of LDL by 9%. Just make sure to avoid driving red wine too much, since too much of anything can also be bad for your health.

Fatty Fish and Salmon

Fatty fish and salmon are known to have Omega-3 fats, which is known to ward off dementia, heart disease, and any other health diseases. The Omega-3 fat that can be found in sardines and salmon can help lower cholesterol by fast least 4%.

Eating Nuts

Now, if you are looking for food that you can munch in between meals, then nuts are your best shot. People who have been consuming 1.5 ounces of whole walnuts six days every week for a total of one month have lowered their cholesterol by 5.4% and 9.3% for their LDL cholesterol. Some of the best nuts to consume are cashews and almonds. But you should know that consuming high levels of nuts can also be bad since it is high in calories. So, limiting your intake by 1.5 ounces would be best.

Drinking Tea

Drinking tea has a lot of benefits, such as antioxidants that are known to be cancer-fighting. It is also considered as a great defense against high levels of LDL cholesterol. Drinking black tea can help lessen the blood lipids by 10% in only three weeks. Black teas and other types of tea can also contribute to lessen the risk of a person developing coronary heart disease.

Consuming Beans

Consuming beans is considered good for the heart. In fact, eating beans can help lower down your total LDL cholesterol by almost 8%. The reason behind this is because of the high content fiber that these beans have. The fiber helps in slowing the amount and rate of absorption of cholesterol in food. You may try pinto, kidney, and black beans, which will give you at least one-third of the daily fiber needed by your body.

These are the tips on how to lower cholesterol naturally. Start working on them, and you will surely be on your way to having a healthy level of cholesterol.


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