Muse Headband Review

Muse Headband Review

The Muse Headband Review

What is a Muse Headband? The Muse is characterized as a thin, light headband, which is used and tucked behind your ears and across your forehead. It is perceptible, particularly the panels that lies behind your ears. This is a useful home device. The companion app runs on Android, iOS tablet or smartphone, and you can use headphones connected to this.

In fact, Muse is wireless and connects through Bluetooth. Alternatively, if your surroundings are quiet, you can even use your device’s speakers, while using headphones can interfere a bit with getting the right fit, although the effect is destructive for them. Sports ear buds that hook over your ear are considered a no-no in terms of fit.

Muse Headband – How it Works?

Using Muse Headband has been a remarkable experience. On other hand, it’s simple to use, and the incorporated sessions have generally been enjoyable. It can assist anyone as it provides a more soothing effect, especially during stressful days. You can track your pinpoint or progress why you might have a good or bad day or something you don’t obtain with activities like yoga or meditation.

Muse Headband is based on electroencephalography (EEG) machinery, which measures electrical movement in your brain. Usually, an EEG test needs an attaching sensor to your head; while the sensors are attached to a computer via wires. In fact, there are no wires connected with Muse. In such way, the heart also monitors and it can measure your heartbeat, as well. The headband itself looks comparable to those over-the-ear sport headphones.

Moreover, your brain activity is calculated using sensors that are built into the band together with the two earpieces. In general, I found Muse relaxing to wear, and the headband is flexible. The free Calm app is also obtainable for Kindle Fire devices. You can match it with the iPhone 6 Plus, and the method was quick and simple. Muse’s rechargeable battery is estimated to last up to 5 hours.

Muse Headband Review

Muse Headband – The Design and Aesthetics

Generally, the Muse embodies fashionable and high-quality design. Muse Headband’s strip makes a perfect contact with user’s forehead. Then there are two additional sensors, positioned on the right and left earpieces. Along the earpiece, you can find the silicone rubber guard, which allows anyone to make a relaxing and cosy contact with one’s ears. The headband itself can simply tighten to suit and seizes its designated position.

Above the right earpiece, you can find a white LED status indicator. By simply holding the power button, one can run the headband on, turn it off, or turn over it into Bluetooth pairing mode. The Muse also characterizes a dual micro-USB charging ports. I’m not sure why Muse determined to go with two ports, but this redundancy allows it to persist on working, even if one port goes terrible.

Overall, Interaxon performed an excellent job in designing the Muse. The aesthetic quality is quite good, even if the headband itself feels a little poor, on the other hand. Basically, Muse teaches you to calm down. Muse’s Calm app separates meditation quality into three different categories: the calm, neutral, and active. Unlike with Muse, some meditation methods don’t function well, and won’t even tell with the readings performed by the Muse.

Muse Headband – How Does it Help the Brain?

The Muse Headband allows users to have their brainwaves read, as well as, do easy mind controlling games and activities to help fortify your brain. This device features 7-EEG sensors such as 5 in the front, and 2 by the ears that are both used to distinguish and compute your brain activity. Muse relays that information back to your iPad and iPhone using Bluetooth LE. It creates exercises intended to clear up your mind as well as, to improve your concentration.

Muse Headband Review

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Muse Headband – The Pros and Cons


  • It helps the users to keep their brain healthy by producing a variety of brain signals and assisting anyone to stay and relax.
  • It reduces hyper-tension, blood pressure, and emotional reactivity.
  • It assists to eliminate stress.


  • No cons.

Muse Headband – The Final Verdict

For anyone who experiencing anxiety or has mental issues, the Muse brain sensing headband can be an ideal and particular tool to assist and guide the process. The fact that the end-product of our relationship with technology nowadays is that we’re persistently “on”, and checking and regular interacting with our tablets, smartphones, PC’s and other latest devices.

We know the fact that most of us are totally attached and enclosed by all these latest devices, accept that it has become a big part of our lives. Therefore, muse brain sensing headband is a workable device that can assist us in our everyday lives as we can depend on them, and get in touch with the relaxation that many of us crave for.

Muse Headband Review


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