Neo Healar Review

Neo Healar Review

Neo Healar – The Review

If you are suffering from itching and burning of hemorrhoids, you’ll be pleased to learn about the 3-pronged method to heal. In fact, Neo Healar hemorrhoid cream offers you lot of benefits. It consists of four compelling, natural herbal ingredients that keep Neo Healar as an effective one. The formulation is 100% natural, without any risky drugs or undesirable negative effects.

In addition to, most of the people find it as a perfect reliever compare with other products that you can buy in your supermarket or drug store. You can utilize it for severe rectal conditions such as anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and the irritation that might occur with Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel.

All About Neo Healar

Neo Healar is considered as a natural hemorrhoid treatment that can be both used for external and internal hemorrhoids, and specifically for anal fissures. It is a 100% herbal treatment. Neo Healar does not enclose or use any man-made medications, chemicals to treat your painful hemorrhoids, but rather utilizes the potent natural plant properties.

It soothes the sensitive skin with a comforting, cooling effect that alleviates to decrease irritation on contact. Both swelling and pain are relieved suddenly and irritated tissues are relaxed without any negative effects. It also heals irritated tissues through Neo Healar mild and natural antiseptic and astringent properties that assist in the healing.

In addition to, these astringent properties assist to shrink tissues and veins and return them to the standard one. Also, it repairs the tissue damage with Neo Healar ointment as well as, it improves circulation of the damaged tissue to speed-up the recovery. It protects and soothes sensitive areas with relaxing emollients that make the skin elastic while it heals.

Neo Healar Review

Neo Healar – The Fact

Neo Healar is an herbal cream that utilizes a three-pronged approach to pacify, restore, and repair hemorrhoids. It features four botanicals lupinus albus, vateria indica, mentha piperita (peppermint) and aloe vera. Neo Healar is obtainable in suppositories and ointment to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids, and a tear in the anus skin.

Vateria indica and aloe vera are both known for their anti-inflammatory features. In fact, aloe vera acts as a transporter for other ingredients, transporting them through the outer layers of the skin to infiltrate and restore the deepest layer. Vateria indica is also known as a bitter resin from the piney tree that is conventionally used in ayurvedic medicine to rectify hemorrhoids.

Lupinus albus has been revealed to be more potent as Vitamin C and E helps repairing skin wounds. The topical application of peppermint can act as a pain-relieving that reduces pain. Through an open, scientific study, participants experiencing from hemorrhoids were cured with Neo Healar for 3 weeks.

Moreover, researchers found a 93.7% total improvement in hemorrhoid symptoms. Specifically, there was a 93.4% improvement of soreness, 90.4% improvement in hemorrhoid bleeding, 94.6% improvement in discharge and 94.2% improvement of irritation. It can be considered as a topical ointment that composed of extremely, potent ingredients.

What You Can Get from Neo Healar?

Neo Healar arrives in two different types of applications, first is the 30g tube of cream that comes with its specific applicator, it can be utilized to heal the external and internal hemorrhoids. While Neo Healar suppositories arrive in boxes of 10 and are utilized as an added treatment that helps increasing the healing method for individuals suffering from internal hemorrhoids.

Neo Healar Review

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Neo Healar – The Pros and Cons


  • Neo Healar hemorrhoid ointment is a plant based formula that contains safe and natural ingredients.
  • Using Neo Healar effectively assist both external, internal bleeding, and thrombosed hemorrhoids.
  • It can also be used to further improve the healing method.
  • It can offer relief from anal fissures and internal hemorrhoids.
  • It promises to decrease commendable your hemorrhoids symptoms within 3 weeks after using such product.


  • Most people might find that ointments and suppositories are both problematic and inconvenient to use.
  • Some of the user have experienced a sporadic allergic reaction and have been reported with topical use of peppermint oil.

Neo Healar Hemorrhoid – The Final Verdict

Yes. Neo Healar is considered as one of the most active herbal treatments against hemorrhoids. It can help pacify, rebuild, and restore the effects of hemorrhoid. Aside from being safe, it also uses natural ingredients, which makes it a very affordable one. It loosens the anal area and assists an easy bowel movement.

It has a complete money back guarantee; you have nothing to worry if you decide to use it out. If it does not provide the results that it has guaranteed, you can simply get a refund. It eliminates the pain caused by the damaged tissues. The medication functions like an antiseptic to eradicate any potentially several irritating infections, and completely heals the bleeding and thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Neo Healar Review


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