The Safe Cig Micro Review

The Safe Cig Micro Review

Safe Cig Micro – Electronic Cigarette Product Review

Cigarette smoking is one of the most common activities, or shall I say, addiction, people have aside from drinking liquors. Of course, smoking is not healthy and regulated in most countries but due to its addictive properties and probably, its abilities to lighten a person’s day, smoking is still very common and popular in various countries. It is a common knowledge that second hand smoke is even dangerous than to the people who directly smoke that is why public smoking prohibited in most countries today.

To get rid of these problems and to lessen the effect of smoking to the non-smoking community and the environment, eCigarettes or electronic cigarettes are now available and being promoted. Although nicotine and other common substances used in conventional cigarettes are being used, second hand smoke is eliminated since eCigarettes do not produce tar and ash, only vapor. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, one of the popular brands is The Safe Cig. To know more about this product, here is a product review.

Safe Cig Micro – By The Safe Cig

The Safe Cig is one of the leading companies in the US that manufacture and produce electronic cigarettes and packages to consumers who love smoking. The company offers a wide range of eCigarette products and refills in various flavors. The Safe Cig is the only company in the US that privately spends for product development and research in order to further improve their products. One of the newest products of The Safe Cig is The Safe Cig Micro, a newer version of their Original Safe Cig product. There are few differences from the previous Safe Cig product, which will also be discussed in this article.


One of the great things about Safe Cig Micro is that it is available in numerous flavors to suit every consumer’s preference and taste in cigarette. They are available in three domestic flavors such as traditional, classic, and menthol, and 11 international flavors based on the flavors of popular countries like Spain, Brazil, and Turkey.

The Safe Cig Micro Review

The Packaging

One of the main differences of Safe Cig Micro to their Original product is the packaging. Safe Cig Micro is sold using a packaging that resembles the traditional cigarette packet. When you buy the product, you will receive a compact box that looks like a real cigarette packet, and can also be opened like the conventional cigarette packets. Inside, you will see 7 refills, 2 batteries, and 1 small charger. The charger is tucked on the side and can be easily pulled out anytime for use.


The length of the battery is one of the main differences from its predecessor. It is almost a half inch shorter than the original, and the overall size and weight is also smaller which resembles a real conventional cigarette. However, because of the reduction is size, it is understandable that the battery life also became shorter. The company compensates this drawback by providing 2 batteries for each Micro pack. When it comes to the responsiveness, it functions just like the Original version of Safe Cig.

Refills, Accessories, and Promo Kits

If you need refill for your electronic cigarette, you can check the company’s official website, browse for your favorite flavor, and order it online. You can also look for their authorized distributors and dealers in your local area. You can also buy some accessories and parts if you need to buy new parts for your electronic cigarette like car charger, wall charger, Micro Arc Max battery, and a portable storage device and charger, all offered with free shipping. If you want to buy a complete package, there are also a lot of complete kits which are offered with great discounts.

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Safe Cig Micro Pros and Cons


  • Smoke as if you are smoking with a real cigarette but with no tar, smell, and ashes.
  • There is definitely no danger of second hand smoke.
  • People can choose from a variety of flavors – domestic and international flavors.
  • The company has CE and ROHS Certificates, proof that the company has complied with various standards in the production and manufacturing of their products.
  • Consumers are offered free shipping for every order and lifetime warranty for the parts except for the atomizer.
  • Consumers also get a 30-day money back guarantee in case they are not satisfied with the product.


  • The battery life is a bit shorter than the original.
  • The package may not last very long because it is made of carton.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, Safe Cig Micro is definitely highly recommended. It provides the looks and effects of conventional cigarette without the tar and ash, only the vapor. The packaging and available flavors definitely make the product more preferable than other brands plus with the lifetime warranty, the company definitely lives up to their quality product and best customer service claims.

The Safe Cig Micro Review


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