V-Tight Gel Review

V-Tight Gel Review

No Longer Tight? Tighten Up with V-Tight Gel

Sex is an integral part of every married (and sometimes unmarried too) couple. It is one act that strengthens and secures more tightly their bond. The absence or lack of it can have strong impacts on the marriage than can often break it when left ignored. That is why couples have to give time to this aspect and make themselves more ‘lovable’ for each other.

This is fairly easy on the man’s part since his reproductive side almost never changes throughout his lifetime. But it is a different story for the woman especially after she gives birth.

I’ve Given Birth, Now What?

It is not an uncommon knowledge that giving birth is one of the biggest milestones of womanhood. But it is also one event that causes changes to the woman’s reproductive organ, the vagina. The vagina loosens after giving birth but may still go back to its original form since it is an elastic muscle. However, as a woman gives birth several times more, her vaginal walls are stretched out causing it to slacken. As a result, sex life might be compromised.

What women need is something to bring back that tightness without going through a surgery. She needs a product that can make her feel her youth and sexiness once again. What she needs is the V-Tight gel.

V-Tight Gel Review

What is V-Tight?

From the name itself, it is a cream that is designed to tighten the woman’s vagina again after the vaginal walls have loosened. It aims to help women become happier and fulfilled again because having a baby or babies does not mean losing your sexiness and sexual satisfaction. It is not only for those who have had children but also those who are going through this loosening due to age and hormonal changes.

V-Tight gel is made from all-natural ingredients with its main ingredient, Manjakani Extract, that is very popularly used by women in Eastern cultures for tightening their vaginas. Manjakani Extract is known as the most powerful astringent on earth and aids in firming and tightening the muscles of the vaginal wall. Other ingredients include water, arginine, witch hazel leaf extract, citric acid, and various types of salts.

V-Tight Gel Review

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Advantages and Disadvantages of V-Tight


  • Restores vaginal tone and tightness. This is its primary benefit, making women feel more empowered once again despite having given birth and aging.
  • More intense orgasms. This would lead to healthier sex lives and happier more fulfilled marriages.
  • Make the entire body slim and toned. Yes, V-Tight gel also helps keep the woman’s body slender and sexy.
  • Tightens stomach muscles. Women can now say goodbye flabby stomachs and hello to tighter and toned stomach muscles.
  • Regulates menstrual cycle. This is even more beneficial for women who do not have regular menstrual cycles.
  • Eases menstrual cramps. Cramps are one of the most bothersome pains a woman can ever experience. But with the new V-Tight gel, there will be lesser, if not zero, chances for getting menstrual cramps.
  • Takes out vaginal discharge, odors, and itching. Because the ingredient is all natural, it also helps keep the vagina free from odor and itching and discharges.
  • Restores lubrication. As a woman ages, lubrication becomes a problem which leads to dryness. With V-Tight gel, lubrication is restored to promote a healthier sex life.
  • Contract the vaginal walls. This is the answer to loosening vaginal walls. Because V-Tight gel contracts the walls, it also reshapes them.
  • The company manufacturing the product is a member of the Natural Products Association. Since the group aims to make products that are natural for their customers, V-Tight gel is then all natural and safe and uses only natural products.


  • It needs to be applied regularly for the best results.
  • It may be a bit embarrassing for most women though they should not feel that way.
  • It is an additional expense though the price is reasonable.

Final Verdict

More than these benefits, V-Tight gel is also easy to use as it spreads evenly easily. There are no residues and it does not leave a sticky feel. For couples who use condoms, the V-Tight gel does not interfere with its effectiveness. Best of all, it does not irritate the skin.

V-Tight gel is the best thing that can happen to women, making them feel younger and sexually competent again. The disadvantages of the product are negligible compared to what it can contribute to women and to their marriages. It is the product that can bring back the woman’s confidence and sexiness that can make her spouse become intimate with her again. Couples will be able to bring back their lost intimacy and bond. It has no reported side effects so it is safe for use. This is the best thing that can happen to women.

V-Tight Gel Review


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