What Does Your Prostate Do for You

What Does Your Prostate Do for You

What Does Your Prostate Do for You?

For people who don’t know, the prostate is actually made mostly out of tissue. The size of the prostate is as small as a walnut and can be found in the region where your pelvic is.

Its function is to help the bladder to be controlled and to ensure that its sexual function is normal. The prostate’s size will remain as it is until the man reaches puberty.

Since it can rapidly grow and even double the size once a man hits puberty. It can grow until a man reaches the age of sixty.

Function of Your Prostate

When a man ejaculates, thirty percent of the liquid is contributed by your prostate, while the remaining percentage is consists of a fluid named as a seminal vesicle and the spermatozoa. The prostate is the one responsible in secreting the fluid that is white or milky, which is a little alkaline. The use of this alkaline is the one responsible in neutralizing the vaginal’s acidity. This will in turn ensure the sperm’s life until it reaches the tract to start with fertilization. In summary, the use of the prostate is to produce the needed fluid to create the semen and to protect it until the egg is reached.

Sealing the Bladder

The prostate is also the one responsible in ensuring that the urethra is closed while having an intercourse. The sphincter which is the muscle of the prostate is the one causing the bladder to be sealed when the process of ejaculation starts to avoid urination. The problem is, when a male reaches the age of fifty, the function of the muscles tend to have problems and create certain complications. The reason behind this is because the prostate can become large which can then restrict the urine’s flow. This can happen even if the person is not doing any sexual activities.

Sperm Liquefying

Another known use of the prostate is to ensure that the sperm will liquefy immediately after a man ejaculates. This is with help of the PSA or the prostate specific antigen. The muscle of the prostate helps in the ejaculation of the male.

Health of the Prostate

Just like the other parts of the body, the prostate can also experience certain kinds of complications. Some of the most common ones are cancer of the prostate, a prostate that is enlarged and the prostatitis. The cancer of the prostate can occur without showing any symptoms and can even become dormant. The later symptoms include problems with urination, loss of weight, pain when ejaculating, urinating with blood, and pains that are sharp. It is best to get a screening to ensure that treatments can be done immediately. A prostate that is enlarged on the other hand can cause problems when urinating, while prostatitis is caused by bacteria, which can easily be treated.

Due to the problems that prostate can experience, it is best for males who are age fifty and above to have a checkup annually. This will ensure that your prostate will be in good health no matter what age you are in. It would also be best to keep a lifestyle that is healthy to ensure that you and your prostate will maintain the healthy state that it should have.

These are all the information that you need when it comes to the prostate’s main function and its health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help your prostate to experience any health problems that can even be serious in the long run. Of course don’t forget to get the annual checkup needed for your prostate to ensure that it is still healthy.


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