What is Hair Loss Treatment

What is Hair Loss Treatment

What is Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair is everyone’s crowning glory and ensuring that it stays healthy is one of the most important things that one should do. That is why people who experience hair loss are doing their best to look for an effective hair loss treatment. If you are one of the many who are experiencing this problem, then the information below will surely be helpful.

Hair loss may be associated with men, but there are also women who are suffering from hair loss. It can be an embarrassing problem that many people address by undergoing surgery and other treatments that will require them to at least stay home for a couple of days. But if you are one of the many who are wondering if there are hair loss treatments that are natural, then you’re in luck because there is.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

One of the natural hair loss treatment that you can do is to change your lifestyle into a healthier one. You may change your dietary lifestyle while reducing stress. Let’s get to know the other treatments that you can do to help you with hair loss, without undergoing any unnatural treatment.

Food to Eat for Hair Loss Treatment

Organic Foods

Organic foods are the healthiest because they are free of any known chemicals. For people who don’t know, chemicals can act as the disrupters of the endocrine, which can actively interfere with the growth of hair.

Pumpkin Seeds

One of the top foods that are high in zinc is pumpkin seeds. Zinc is beneficial as this will help maintain a healthy hair. People with a deficiency in zinc are known to suffer from hair loss and hypothyroidism.

Wild Fish

Another good food is a wild fish, including salmon which is known to be high in Omega-3 fats. This type of fat helps in decreasing the inflammation while aiding in hair thickening and hair growth.

Green Tea

As you all know, green tea can help promote detoxification because of the antioxidant contents that it has. An antioxidant is known to help promote hair growth and can also contribute to stop the testosterone’s conversion to DHT.


This may not be considered as food, but caffeine is known to help in hair growth. The reason behind this is because caffeine helps in stimulating the hair shafts, which will, later on, help the hair to grow faster. Caffeine is the one responsible in damping the effects of DHT, which is a substance that is known to slow the growth of hair.

Foods to Avoid for Hair Loss Treatment


Sugar is known to play the biggest role when it comes to hormonal imbalances, which can contribute to increasing in DHT and insulin resistance. This will then cause inflammation, which can then lead to hair loss.

Processed Foods

It is also essential to avoid eating processed foods since they are typically loaded with all the unhealthy fats that you can ever imagine. Sodium and sugar are known to be counterproductive to the growth of healthy hair.

Trans Fatty Acids

Trans fatty acids are fats that are unhealthy. Overeating of this can only help with the production of DHT and increase the inflammation in your body, which can then lead to hair loss. It would be best to stay away from different hydrogenated oils, including soybean oil and corn oil, which are all loaded with trans fats.

Now that you know what hair loss treatment is and how natural they can be, then all you have to do now is to follow the tips provided above. You will surely reverse your hair loss problem in no time.


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