What Makes Your Hair Fall Out

What Makes Your Hair Fall Out

What Makes Your Hair Fall Out?

You may be wondering about what makes your hair fall out, just like other people nowadays. There may be a lot of reason on why this hair problem happens to you and to anybody else. But there are also a lot of reasons on how you can avoid this from happening to you. You may prevent some of the reasons from happening to you, but there are some reasons that can’t be prevented. Of course before thinking about the solutions, you need to know the reason on what makes your hair fall out. Knowing the reasons will help you determine the prevention and solution for each of them.

Hair Chemical Products

Nowadays more and more people are using hair chemical products to style and enhance the look of their hair. This may not cause problems if you know how to properly use these chemical products, but daily use may cause harm and damage to your hair. Typically people are using wax, gel, sprays and mousse to style their crowning glory. But sometimes, people tend to overdo it, which can cause the hair to be brittle, dry and thin. As you all know, damaged hair is prone to breakage and falling out. This is the reason why falling of hair happens. If you are experiencing this kind of problem because of these products then it is ideal to stop using them immediately and have a treatment for your hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Using a shampoo and conditioner to clean and maintain the goodness of your hair is not a problem. The problem occurs if you start using shampoo and conditioners that are not ideal for the type of hair that you have. There are certain shampoos and conditioners that is ideal for different hair types. That is why it is important to use products that is right for your hair type. It is also ideal to use shampoo every other day, as this will allow the hair to release its natural oil which is healthy.

Rubbing of Hair

One of the most common mistakes by people today is the rubbing of hair, whether with a towel or their hands. Typically a hair that is wet will is sensitive about almost anything. The hair will usually become more fragile whenever it is wet, which is why it is necessarily important to avoid rubbing your hair.


Another common reason for falling hair is because your family has a history of thin to bald hair. Typically men are more prone to baldness rather than women. But women may also inherit this kind of hair problem, in a way that their hair will become thinner as they grow old. There are certain procedures to bring back the goodness of your hair by undergoing operations or using certain products that will help the hair grow.

Giving Birth

One of the most common effects that women experience after giving birth is hair fall. Some are worried about this kind of problem, while some shrug this problem off. The reason why this happens is because when a woman gave birth, the cycle of their hair will experience a phase where they need to rest. Usually excessive falling of hair may be experienced, which is worrisome to women. But it will eventually move on and be active again after a certain period of time.


People who are undergoing certain medications may experience falling hair as an effect. This is more common in people who are undergoing therapy for cancers and such. Fortunately there are other medications that they can take to ensure hair growth afterwards.


Stress is one of the major causes of stress, which is why people who are always stress tend to have hair fall every now and then. It is ideal for people to avoid stress to lessen hair fall problems. Some people can even have hair thinnest because of stress, which can even lead to baldness in the long run. If you are experiencing too much stress, lessening it and eliminating stress in your life is definitely an ideal thing to do.

Above are the reasons on what makes your hair fall out. If you are one of the many who is experiencing this embarrassing hair problem, then avoiding the avoidable reasons above would be ideal. Undergoing certain solutions may be ideal as well to ensure hair growth.


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