What to Do When Panic Attack Strikes

What to Do When Panic Attack Strikes

What to Do When Panic Attack Strikes?

A lot of people are asking about what to do when panic attack strikes because a lot of them want to know how to cope with this kind of emotion. For people who don’t know, panic attacks can occur to anyone whenever they are faced with a certain situation in life. When a person experiences a panic attack, certain symptoms may be experienced such as nausea, dizziness, palpitation and as well as breath shortness. Some people may not feel any symptoms at all, while some may feel every symptom that is associated with this kind of feeling. This can be dangerous, as this can cause a person to forget how to respond properly when the situation arises. That is why knowing on what to do when panic attack strikes is definitely an ideal thing to do.

Some people tend to go to the doctor to ask for prescription medicines, in order for them to stay calm during this time of their lives. But you can’t rely with these medicines forever, because they also have certain side effects that can only be noticed later on in life. Fortunately there are ways on what to do when panic attack strikes. If you often experience panic attacks, or if you know someone who experiences this kind of problem, applying these techniques would definitely be ideal.

Divert Your Attention

For people who are asking about what to do when panic attack strikes, the best thing that you can do is to divert your attention to other things. There are certain situations in life that can usually trigger this kind of feeling, and the best way that you can do is to avoid or divert your attention. You can walk away from it while thinking of specific solutions that you can do with the current problem that you’re facing now. But if you think that there is no point of dealing with the problem, then ignoring it for good would be ideal. Remember it is not healthy to surround yourself with problems, especially if dealing with them is not worth it.

Relaxing Your Mind and Body

If you are one of the many who are asking about what to do when panic attack strikes is to relax your mind and body properly. There are some people who smoke when faced with panic attacks, while there are some that drink. These types of relaxation are not healthy at all, and can’t actually help you with your problems. There are other things that you can actually do instead of doing your typical vices. For instance, you can go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. You may also go for a swim or a quick shower to help relax your body. Some people prefer reading a book because it relaxes their mind, by thinking of other things rather than thinking about the current situation that they are in.


If you think that avoiding the situation is not a good way to deal with it, then confronting it in a proper way would be ideal. You can ask help from your family and friends, so you can talk about these things to them. The feeling of anxiety will decrease as time passes by, which is definitely good for you and as well as for the people around you. People who confronted situations that make them experience this kind of feeling noticed that they become more and more comfortable with certain situations in their lives. If you are not comfortable talking about it with your family and friends, talking with a doctor would also be great. The doctor can advise you about the things that you can do, whenever problems arise in the future.

Now for people who are asking about what to do when panic attack strikes, the above tips are some of the few things that you can do. Remember that removing or lessening this kind of feeling in your life is ideal, for you to avoid developing certain health problems that are related to anxiety attacks.


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