What to Do When Your Partner Snores

What to Do When Your Partner Snores

What to Do When Your Partner Snores?

Snoring can’t be controlled by your partner, which is why you can hear your partner snore often than usual. If you are being disturbed in your sleep because of the noise that your partner is making, then it is definitely time to know what to do when your partner snores.

You don’t have to worry about offending your partner for as long as you explain to your partner the problem that is caused by the snores. If you are want to help your partner and yourself then doing the things below will surely help you and your partner with the snoring issue.

Sleeping on the Side

One of the effective ways to prevent your partner from snoring is to let your partner sleep on his side. The reason behind this is because sleeping with their back on the bed will increase the chance of your partner snoring. Sometimes the reason for snoring is because of the weight that is pushing the respiratory of a person and its neck downwards. You can also let your partner sleep on his stomach as this will help in preventing him snore.

Losing Weight

If your partner is overweight, it would be best to let your partner lose weight. You can tell this to your partner without offending him. The best way to do this is to exercise with him for both of you to enjoy working out together. Typically the weight of the person can affect its neck and lungs, which can block the airflow while sleeping. Of course this does not means that a person is snoring because he is overweight, there are still some reasons with it.

Strips for the Nasal

These strips can easily be purchase in drugstores without any prescription. These strips are responsible in improving a person’s airflow through its nose. It is responsible in opening slightly the nostril to lessen snoring. Some people may not feel comfortable using a strip, but in due time he will definitely feel at ease with it.

Smoking and Alcohol

If your partner is fond of smoking and drinking alcohol before sleeping then it would be best to avoid consuming both of these substances. The reason behind this is because smoking can damage the respiratory system and as well as the throat, while drinking can definitely make the snoring really worse. That is why lessening these two substances is definitely ideal not only for your partner but as well as yourself.

Going to the Doctor

If all else fails, it would be essential to visit the doctor to get a thorough checkup as to what is causing for your partner to snore. The doctor may see a blockage on the nasal, which is because of a congestion that is chronic or a septum that is deviated. Sometimes the tissues on the throat and the nose are swollen due to allergies and the doctor can definitely see this and prescribed a medication to reduce the swelling and let it heal. The production of mucus might also be the reason why your partner is snoring and draining the mucus will certainly help. After the doctor conducts the checkup, he will prescribe a medication or options of surgical procedures are required to prevent your partner from snoring every single night beside you.

These are the things that you can do when your partner is snoring endlessly. Sometimes snoring is caused by a serious health problem, which is why it is essential to ensure that he checks with the doctor immediately to address the issue. In this way, the health problem can be treated as early as possible.


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