Wholetones Review

Wholetones Review

Wholetones: To Your Complete Healing and Added Strength

Music makes the movie watching more entertaining, exciting and memorable. It sets the mood when watching, it can make you feel happy, serene, anxious, in love and in pain. Music has the power to change people physically, spiritually and mentally. And music, as they said, is the mankind’s universal language.

Way back the ancient time, music is being used to treat many disorders. Greek physicians make use of different musical instruments, like zithers, lyres and flutes to give healing to their patients. Vibrations are used to treat digestion, induce sleep and aid mental disturbance. If you read the book written by Aristotle “De Anima”, there is statement there that says how flute music can purify one’s soul and arouse a strong emotion. For Ancient Egyptians on the other hand, they describe musical chant healing the sick.

So as in the biblical times, in Zephaniah says “He will rejoice over you with joyful songs!”.

Now, professionals are discovering how can music be used to repair, protect and heal against diseases. Journal of Advanced Nursing in the UK has also found something impressive:

Painful conditions, including chronic pain was reduced up to 21% and depression by about 25%.

Music is now being in different hospitals to ease postoperative pain, boost immunity and control blood pressure. And with all these assessments and studies, made Michael Tyrrell interested find the right frequencies to transform people’s lives.

Wholetones Review

The Man Behind Wholetones

Michael Tyrrell is an author, musician and a speaker with very clear purpose. He shares to the world the 7 healing frequencies he found that can transform people’s lives.

The story all started when he was in Jerusalem, when David, a piano player opens his mind about his divine gift. David handed him a manuscript copies of different psalms, and claimed that those are really meant for him.

After sometime, Michael noticed something different, David adapted them to a more modern key, which obviously didn’t work.

And this is when he knows that David is right, it is really for him.

He worked on different hertz, hertz is the one that measures the sound as one vibrational cycle per second – and these are called frequencies, and created 7 of the most effective frequencies to give healing to mankind, including animals too.

After he re-tuned them, he finally concluded that the ancient healing frequencies that were used long way back is now under his fingers, waiting to be shared to those who are in need.

What to Expect?

So, you might have thought about searching all these vibrations and healing frequencies over Google. Sure, you can find tons of them. they are all over the internet and YouTube, unfortunately, they will never be effective. All of them can just give you more headaches.

Michael, together with his team, recorded each of the music using analog technology with barely negligible digital sampling. What you will get from every track is the clearest raw songs, so you can get the fullest potential and power from each of them.

Unlike what you could get from the internet, their tracks are real songs and were recorded by world class, real musicians over one of the finest and best recording facilities around.

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The Pros and the Cons

The Pros

  • It is all music, you are not taking any medications that may cause side effects, nor procedures that may require you to go under the needle.
  • It relaxes and soothes your body, mind and soul.
  • As an added value of your purchase, they included a PDF copy of Michael brand new book that can perfectly match the tracks.
  • You will be given a 365 days money back guarantee, in the event you are not happy (which is impossible by the way) with the result of their tracks.
  • You have two options, one is you can get it for $99, if you want 7 full length CDs and downloadable copies of each, or pay just $49 if you want only the downloadable tracks. These options give you the opportunity to get and pay whichever you want.
  • The product has a lot of positive and great testimonies; hence you know, it is really helping people.
  • Even deaf can be benefited from this, as this affects the body whether or not you are hearing the actual songs.

The Cons

There is no much, actually almost none to say about the consequences about considering this route for your healing. But just to complete this section:

  • Your equipment to use when listening to songs may affect its impact.


Why would you turn to something risky and dangerous, if there is a safe and effective way to treat sicknesses, illnesses and even negative emotional state of people, animals and even plants. Wholetones is a good way to improve anyone’s being without any side effects.

You can get them to either CDs and downloadable copies or just downloadable copies only. They offer their product with a 365 days money back guarantee, hence there is no reason at all why not try. Here, you will not lose anything but definitely gain a lot.

Wholetones Review


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