Hair Essentials Review

Hair Essentials Review

Hair Essentials Product Review

According to studies, a hair fall of 100-150 strands per day is normal. However, if hair fall occurs more than this range, it could lead to permanent baldness. Hair fall causes differs with men and women. Hair loss problems are caused by many factors. While most of the cases of hair fall and hair thinning are hereditary and aging-related cases, hair loss may also be caused as complications of diseases like cancer, diabetes, thyroid diseases, low vitamin level, iron deficiency anemia and fungal infections. It can also be experienced after exposing to strong hair treatment chemicals, hormonal changes and exposure to too much stress. Hair loss is not just common to aging people and men in general. Anyone can be susceptible to hair loss.

Doctors strongly advise to get you screened for hair loss test like complete blood count, iron level tests, and thyroid function test like TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), FT4 and FT3. Proper nutrition must also be observed along with good hair hygiene, using hair products that suit your scalp and hair type. Fortunately, effective drugs and supplements are now available in the market today that fights and prevents worsening of hair loss cases.

Hair Essentials by Natural Wellbeing Distribution, Inc.

Hair Essentials is the ultimate hair growth remedy that works fast. It stimulates hair growth and promotes shinier, thicker and fast-growing hair. It works for both men and women and works for all types of hair. It is guaranteed safe and doctor-tested and formulated.

Hair Essentials Review

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How Hair Essentials Works

The main reason why hair falls out is because the hair shaft weakens and breaks. Excessive secretion of the hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes the weakening of hair shafts. When too much dihydrotestosterone is introduced, hair follicles shrink thus making it unable to hold many nutrients for hair growth. This is when the Hair Essentials becomes essential. It aims to limit and prevent too much secretion of DHT within the hair follicles.

After decreasing the DHT level, Hair Essentials will replenish the lost and lacking nutrients in the scalp necessary for hair growth. It is formulated to be easily absorbed by the scalp to nourish the hair follicles and renew the dead ones to be active again, resulting to a healthy and strong new hair growth.

Ingredients of Hair Essentials

The reason why Hair Essentials is effective for hair growth and promoting healthy and thick hair is because of its patented composite of over 20 natural ingredients. Hair Essentials contains Saw Palmetto berry that is known for preventing enzyme that altering testosterone in men to DHT. It also contains Fo-Ti root or known as Polygonum multiflorum that is used to make gray hair change back to original color, Collagen Type II that strengthens hair, L-Cysteine that helps improve density of hair shaft for optimum hair growth, L-Methionine that promotes hair thickness and boost new hair growth, Psoralea corylifolia that improves nutrient circulation within the scalp, Eclipta prostrate, a traditional Chinese herb that helps preclude untimely graying of the hair, Horsetail herb extract that is rich in silica that prevents hair breakage and Borage Seed Oil that helps reduce inflammation within the hair follicles, act as moisturizer and regulates sebum production that enables the cells to hold and retain water.

Aside from these vital ingredients, Hair Essentials also contains White Tea leaf extract that contains antioxidants that protects the hair follicles from deteriorating effects of over exposure to stress, impurities and free radicals. And other essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, Biotin, Iodine, zinc and selenium. All are proven and tested to have healthy benefits to hair growth and keeping the hair thick and strong.

Hair Essentials Review

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Positive and Negative Aspects of Hair Essentials


  • Hair Essentials promotes hair growth fast. It works as early as one month but for optimum hair growth it is recommended to be consumed for 90 days.
  • Hair Essentials has long lasting effect. Even after you stopped using it, the hair follicles are still healthy thus keeping hair growth constantly improving with time. However, reduced dosage is encouraged for optimum hair growth.
  • Hair Essentials will not promote unnecessary hair growth across the whole body. The hair cycle of the body is not disturbed by Hair Essentials.
  • Hair Essentials works for both men and women. Some cases might take longer consumption of the product but will eventually yield to the prime result.


  • Hair Essentials is not recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers because key ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Fo-Ti will react with them who has hormone-sensitive conditions.
  • Some ingredients of Hair Essentials decreases the effectiveness of oral contraceptives so consultation to doctor is highly recommended. If you are in a contraceptive plan, ask your doctor for other alternatives.
  • Hair Essentials is not recommended to children below 18 years old. The hormonal changes that this product brings may have side effects to them.

Hair Essentials – The Verdict

The overall feedback of the consumer who use Hair Essentials for resolving their hair fall and hair loss issues are generally exceptional. They find the product very effective and fast acting. Consumers who use the product also experience long lasting result and overall improvement in hair growth and thickness. This product is highly recommended for both men and women who longs to have thick, rich new and healthy hair.

Hair Essentials Review


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