How to Prevent Hair Regrowth

How to Prevent Hair Regrowth

How to Prevent Hair Regrowth?

Hair naturally grows in various parts of the body to offer some kind of protection. Probably the most notable hairs in the body are the ones found in the head. We all know that the hair we have on top is our shining glory. Most of the time, we receive compliments from others because we have long, beautiful and shiny hair.

Hair Growth Isn’t Always Flattering

Even though hair normally grows in the body, some people experience excessive hair growths in commonly exposed areas like the face, chest, armpits, abdomen, legs and the bikini line. This is the primary reason why some people resort to hair removal treatments.

Young women are often embarrassed to grow man-like (thick) hairs in frequently exposed areas of their body. Just imagine a woman with coarse armpit hair wearing a sleeveless top. It would look outrageously unattractive right?

Furthermore, a medical condition characterized by excess hair growth is known as hirsutism. It often comes as a result of hormonal irregularities or intake of certain medications (e.g. anabolic steroids). Aesthetically speaking, this condition can make life miserable for people suffering from it.

Proper Identification for Apt Treatment

For people to know the best hair removal method appropriate for them, they should know what type of hair they wish to get rid of.

There are basically two types of hair: vellus and terminal. The fine, soft, and short hair often found in peoples’ face and body surface that insulates the body to promote steady temperature is known as vellus hair. On the other hand, terminal hair found on the head, armpit, chest, and leg areas are generally thicker, longer and darker in color.

Hair removal can either be temporary or permanent. Methods greatly vary and the rate of re-growth depends on the technique used. It is important to note that destruction of underlying skin follicles is sole way of permanently preventing hair re-growth.

Eliminating Unsightly Body Hairs

Peoples’ hair growth rate vary from person to person, hence results would not always be the same for people even if the same hair removal method is used. There are many practical methods of eliminating body hair.

The following techniques are relatively easy and fast to perform to achieve temporary results.


Shaving is a do-it-yourself method of removing hair. This inexpensive technique can make hair disappear for a few hours up to a few days. Although it is a quick and very effective method, it often leaves cuts when improperly performed. Always shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid development of ingrown hair, and remember to pull the skin taut to avoid unnecessary nicks.


A method known as plucking is slightly more painful yet equally inexpensive as shaving. This method can eliminate hair for a few days up to a few weeks. This technique allows slower hair re-growth because unlike the superficial hair removal from shaving, this method plucks out hair along with its root using tweezers. This process may take some time since only one hair can be pulled out at a time. It is important to sterilize tweezers to avoid infections from ingrown hair common in hair plucking.


Paying the salon a visit for a session of hair waxing would be the most convenient and relaxing way to lose unwanted hairs temporarily. Waxing can both delay hair re-growth and make hair re-growth look thinner. Nevertheless, for those who are financially incapable of paying for expensive salon treatments, a less-pampering home session would be equally fine. Waxing results can last up to 3-6 days.

On the other hand, more expensive and invasive procedures are available for permanent hair removal and they are as follows.


The electrolysis procedure has the ability to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, but recent statistics show that there is still a slight likelihood for hair re-growth after undergoing the procedure. The procedure basically involves the use of electric current to kill hair roots to prevent re-growth. Since the procedure is pricey, most people opt to perform it only in small areas (e.g. bikini area).


Laser treatment is celebrated as the best and only way of permanently eliminating hair. The procedure uses tiny lasers that kill hair follicles. Repeated sessions of the treatment can lead to permanent hair removal. Even though the method is intended to yield permanent results, some people still prefer to return for maintenance sessions every 6 months.

Both methods are as painful as they are costly, and they sometimes cause redness, scarring and swelling after treatment sessions.


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