How to Stop Your Hair from Shedding

How to Stop Your Hair from Shedding

How to Stop Your Hair from Shedding?

A lot of people nowadays are having problems with hair shedding, which is why a lot of them are wondering on how they can stop and prevent hair shedding. If you are one of the many who is asking about how to stop your hair from shedding, then the information below will help you. But first, knowing the reasons why hair shedding is happening is important. Do you use hair products with harsh chemicals? Do you have an unhealthy lifestyle? If so, then these things can surely make your hair shed. If you don’t have any idea on how you can stop this problem before you get totally hairless, then following the tips below on how to stop your hair from shedding is definitely important.

Know If Your Hair Shedding is Natural or Not

For people who don’t know, the hair typically sheds from fifty to a hundred per day. This is a natural occurrence and you don’t need to worry that much. If you are unsure if your hair shedding is normal or not, it is important to get to know it first. You can gather all the falling hair that you have for a certain day. You can count them in at the end of the day, for you to be able to know how many strands of hair per day you are losing. Now if it’s below one hundred you can shrug it off since it is normal. But if you happen to count more than a hundred strands of hair, then doing the things below would be beneficial.

Changing Hair Conditioner

There are a lot of hair conditioners today but not all of them can help you. The first thing that you need to do is to change your hair conditioner. If you have dry hair then conditioners for dry hair would be ideal. You may also choose a conditioner that specializes in damage hair. Choose the one that is intense in repairing your hair. Of course you may still see your hair shed, but typically you will be able to start to see results after two whole weeks of using your new conditioner. So give it some time to repair your hair first, before giving up on it immediately.

Avoid Using Hair Tools

While repairing your damage hair, you should stop using hair tools that will only affect your hair even more. If you are fond of using a hair dryer to dry your hair, then you should discontinue using it. You may air dry your hair so you don’t have to damage your hair more. Curling iron or straightening irons should also be avoided because it will contribute to the damage that your hair already has. You may stop using any hair tools that you typically use to give your hair time to breathe and relax.

Adding Protein and Iron

Now if doing the above didn’t make any difference, then it is now time to consider changing your diet. You need to add protein and supplements that contain iron to your daily diet. The reason behind this is because few of the many causes of shedding is the lack of protein and iron in your diet. So taking foods that are rich in protein and iron would be ideal. You may also take supplements that contain protein and iron to ensure that your body has enough amount of these two important additions to your diet.

Consulting Your Doctor

You may also consider talking to your doctor because there are some problems that may be causing your hair to shed. Your doctor can point out the reason as to why this problem is happening to you. In this way it can be corrected by treating the health problem that you have.

Hair Grower

If you are healthy and doesn’t have any problems with your health, then you may consider using hair grower products. There are spray ones and creams that you can apply directly to your hair and scalp. Of course make sure that you are using something that is effective to avoid wasting your money.

Above are the ways on how to stop your hair from shedding. Follow the tips above to avoid becoming hairless, which can cause embarrassment to you.


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