UTI-Clear Review

UTI-Clear Review

UTI-Clear Product Review

A lot of people suffer or are highly at risk from different types of urinary tract infection diseases due to various factors like bacteria, radiation therapies, use of catheter, and medications. Using of external hygiene products like feminine sprays and liquids may also trigger urinary tract infections. If you are experiencing the symptoms of UTI or urinary tract infection, then here is a review of a product developed to treat people with UTI.

UTI-Clear by Native Remedies

UTI-Clear is developed and manufactured by one of the leading companies in the country known to provide natural and safe remedies for various conditions like UTI the Native Remedies. This company has developed more than 250 treatment products for various health problems. The great thing about Native Remedies is that they focus on herbal and homeopathic remedies providing consumers products that are not only effective but also high in quality and safe for the health.

UTI-Clear the Key Factors

One of the most common remedies for UTI diseases is antibiotic drugs. Antibiotics are definitely effective in providing relief for urinary tract infections especially when the cause of UTI is bacterial attack since the drug attacks the bad bacteria in the affected area. However, antibiotics also attack the good bacteria in the body which may also increase the risk of relapse or acquiring other types of urinary tract infections diseases.

UTI-Clear eliminate these problems by providing relief from various symptoms of urinary tract infections and also preventing the condition from occurring by improving the immune system of the body helping the good bacteria from fighting bad bacteria in the body.

UTI-Clear is claimed to immediately provide relief from painful urination which is the main symptom experienced by a person suffering from urinary tract infection diseases like cystitis and urethritis. This product is also developed to provide relief from uncomfortable and frequent urination or from the inability to urinate despite the urge.

Aside from treating the symptoms, it is also formulated to prevent relapse of urinary tract infection by promoting the health of the urinary system and the proper pH level.

UTI-Clear Review

UTI-Clear Natural and Herbal Ingredients

Native Remedies ensure consumers that UTI-Clear is made from natural ingredients and herbs such Buchu, Lemon balm, Yarrow, Bearberry leaf, Oatstraw, Echinacea, St. John’s wort, and Bilberry. Buchu is one of the main ingredients of this product. This herb has been used in Southern Africa for centuries to cleanse the bladder and the whole urinary tract system.

Buchu acts as a natural tonic which safely cleanses the urinary tract and the bladder. Bearberry leaf is also another historically known product that naturally cleanses the urinary tract system due to its effective components like arbutin and glycoside.

Lemon balm is a common ingredient used in various health products nowadays due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is known to promote overall wellness by boosting the immune system.

Yarrow is an ingredient rich in sesquiterpene lactones, an element used as natural astringent and also as a soothing agent. It is added in the product in order to promote a healthier environment in the entire bladder and urinary tract system.

Oatstraw and Echinacea both work for the immune system. Oatstraw or also known as Avena Sativa contains a lot of active ingredients known to promote healthier immune system such as flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, minerals, vitamin B1, B2, D, E, wheat protein and carotene. Bilberry has antioxidant properties.

UTI-Clear Review

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UTI-Clear: The Pros and Cons


  • UTI-Clear is formulated using 100% herbal and natural ingredients making it effective and safe.
  • It can be used by adults as well as kids due to its natural, herbal, mild formulation.
  • UTI-Clear has no artificial preservatives, ingredients derived from animals, artificial colors and flavors, and gluten ensuring a safe product for adults and kids.
  • It is not habit-forming unlike other products and has no side effects.
  • Prevents and lessens the occurrence of urinary tract infections.
  • Eradicates the dependence of patients to antibiotics.
  • You can avail of the money back guarantee within ONE year and get a full refund if you find the product ineffective or unsatisfying if you purchase the product from its official website.


  • It may only work for mild conditions so it is important to use the product during the early stages of the urinary tract infection for positive results.
  • Consumers need to buy in bulk to avail promos and discounts.
  • Some consumers may still experience side effects if they have allergic reactions to acidic components in the product like the lemon balm and bearberry leaf.

UTI-Clear the Final Verdict

With the many health benefits of UTI-Clear, it is definitely a product worth trying especially for those who are frequently suffering from urinary tract infection diseases like cystitis and urethritis. However, based on the reviews and feedbacks from users, it is best recommended for those who want to prevent the occurrence of UTI. With its natural and herbal ingredients, it can be used on a regular basis as a preventive solution for UTI.

UTI-Clear Review


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