VertiFree Review

VertiFree Review

The Truth About VertiFree and Vertigo

Vertigo is a very usual health condition that millions of people are suffering today. There are really no demographics when it comes to vertigo- young and old, men and women are afflicted with this condition and this could be really troublesome for many people.

It is really hard to tell when and where will vertigo strike- and this could be scary for most people. If you are one of the many individuals who are suffering this condition then probably you had it checked with your physician. A usual ear and audio testing are done to check your inner ear balance alongside with other laboratory workouts. Some of you might even have a prescription drug that you take when you feel your dizziness is starting. But, generally speaking these drugs will treat dizziness but eventually you’ll never know when vertigo will strike again.

Vertigo is a serious condition because it can compromise your ability to perform certain duty and the fact that your dizziness could go on for hours, days or even longer. Just imagine living in fear realizing that you could suffer vertigo attack anytime and anywhere.

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is a health condition wherein a person in steady state suddenly feels dizzy. This will include mild dizziness to severe when you feel that your surrounding is totally spinning. It could last for several minutes, to hours or even days.

The inner ear has the vestibular system that is responsible for the body’s ability to balance and any malfunction in that area will let you experience instability or imbalance. Nausea often happens when you experience vertigo since you feel that you are rapidly spinning. There are hosts of conditions that can totally affect balance that could lead to untoward episodes of lightheadedness, dizziness to vertigo. Taking into considerations inner ear problems, anxiety, stress, fever, hypoglycemia and low blood pressure are contributing factors to vertigo.

What is VertiFree?

VertiFree is manufactured by Native Remedies Company founded by a renowned herbalist Michele Carelse. The product is Food and Drug Administration approved and registered as homeopathic alternative treatment to vertigo. It is proven safe and non-addictive 100% homeopathic natural remedy to relive vertigo symptoms that can help improve inner ear balance usually associated with vertigo.

VertiFree is presented in small tablets that easily dissolve under the tongue for effective absorption with no artificial preservatives and harmful components. It is very convenient to use and safe enough to use by breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.

VertiFree Review

How Can VertiFree Help in Relieving Vertigo?

VertiFree is 100% homeopathic with natural ingredients distinctly selected to bring relief against vertigo symptoms at the very first sign of attack. This natural vertigo treatment can address usual symptoms like dizziness, motion disturbances, disorientation and nausea while improving inner ear balance. It will also effectively get rid of the inconvenience such as vomiting and sweating brought about by vertigo. Along with these helpful actions VertiFree can stop ringing or whooshing in the ears sensations called tinnitus that most vertigo sufferers complain about.

VertiFree is a fast acting natural vertigo remedy that can help balance the fluids in the inner ear. It will help in restoring focus and end feelings of disorientation in patient.

What Makes VertiFree Effective?

VertiFree is a homeopathic solution that is formulated with natural ingredients proven to address the usual symptoms associated with vertigo. It has natural active ingredients that work in synergy to effectively stop vertigo symptoms from the very initial manifestation.

  • Cocculus indicus – is a native herbal plant popularly used in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia for its medicinal properties. This plant provides soothing effect that relieves fogginess in the brain, alleviates restless sleep pattern and helps relieve fatigue.
  • Lobelia inflata – known as an effective remedy and treatment for dizziness, weakness and faintness commonly present in vertigo.
  • Gelsemium – it is one of the best remedy against headaches that can effectively alleviate emotional imbalance and disorientation.
  • Bryonia alba – this is common homeopathic cure for severe perspiration, headaches and immobility of the body. It will effective help the body to recover from difficulty in moving when vertigo attacks.

Just by taking two small tablets initially every 20 minutes will completely eradicate vertigo symptoms. The tablets can either be dissolved under the tongue or chewed for better absorption. For milder symptoms it can be taken every 30 minutes. Once vertigo symptoms are gone you can now stop taking VertiFree.

VertiFree Review

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Positive and Negative Aspects of the Product


  • Natural herbal homeopathic vertigo remedy.
  • Effectively arrest the symptoms associated with vertigo.
  • Quick relieves nausea, dizziness and other discomforts.
  • Restore balance and stops disorientation.
  • Can treat and stops tinnitus or ringing sound in the ears.
  • Safe even for pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • No added preservatives or artificial colorings.
  • Can quickly be absorbed by the body.


  • It is a little bit expensive than other remedy.
  • It is only available through their official website.
  • You cannot consume foods or drinks with mint this will make VertiFree less effective.
  • Series of tablet intake or doses is necessary to achieve total relief.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for an alternative natural remedy that is proven safe and effective then you should buy VertiFree. With regards to safety issues VertiFree is safe- safe enough to take by pregnant and nursing mothers. It works quickly by decreasing the discomforts brought about the symptoms of vertigo. It will restore balance by neutralizing the inner ear fluids while preventing tinnitus.

Overall, VertiFree is recommendable, a good product that is effective and safe in treating vertigo at its very first sign. Many people have already brought this product and you should definitely give it a try.

VertiFree Review


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